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hello, optimistic week.

PINYou know those weeks your to-do/project list is teeming over a single page, but you are still hopeful you can accomplish each item listed??  Yea … that is my week with the optimistic perspective that each of those things will get done (fingers crossed!).  Here’s a few of my dock items …

. Birthday week!  Matt’s birthday is midweek, and I am hosting a little birthday get-together for my sister’s birthday on Saturday.  Party vibes, think: white.  Pinterest is not helping me with all the beautiful ideas out there.  Hoping for a beauty day so we can be outside.

. We went to Kayben Farms this weekend, and I saw some sheep.  Along with chickens, goats, a miniature donkey, cows and horses, I’d love some sheep.  Our five acres can’t house all of those cute creatures, BUT a girl can dream of pictures like this, right?!

. Clearing out our saskatoon bushes of long, overgrown grass.  I’ll be using this cute gardening pillow I picked up the other week – so comfortable to kneel on, and yes, pleasing to the eye.  Confession: I actually bought two, one for around the house and one for the greenhouse(!)

. I bought two heads of cabbage this week … my plan is to FINALLY make some of these.  Without the raisins tho!

. We are currently doing a program called ‘Five In A Row” and we are in the middle of the book Make Way for the Ducklings.  Hoping we can find ourselves near some ducks this week as part of our nature study.

. The other weekend, I cleared two big garden beds of weeds, weeds and more weeds.  I would love to have them both full of these … does anyone have a suggestion for what would partner well with them?

. And … laundry!  I have stacks to get through as I’ve been sorting/switching closets.  Clothes too small, clothes to give away/pass on to the next brother, just up to my ear in clothes!  Dreaming about laundry room ideas in the midst of it all 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


Whatever optimistic, lofty goals you have this week, I hope you are able to tackle them with some gusto!  Happy week, ya’ll <3


pic pix: dreaming of spring lilacs, Apr.2015, our old back alley

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