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goals + grace + 5 ways i like to call it a day

At the start of the year, I had written down some (maybe?!) lofty goals/habits of what I wanted to see change and shape in my day to day rhythms.  Then, after all that happened with Elkan, some of those aspirations were shooed off the radar.  This is all part of my journey that I’ll continue to be on … right up until the day we get to see him in heaven again.  Through it all, amongst navigating what grieving looks and heals like, I am learning that I need to give myself grace and time.  Grace and time to accomplish things that, in my mind, ‘should’ already be done.  Grace and time for my heart to heal.  Grace and time to allow myself to just be … exactly how I feel.

That all said, lately, I feel ready to get involved in my goals again while still giving myself those graces and no expectations of time attached (easier said than done!).  I don’t think I have ever fully written an ENTIRE list of ALL of my goals … that would be too insanely long!  BUT, I’ve noticed a common thread in some overall goals and thought it’d be helpful for me to share some of those achievements I want to reach.  Sharing how I will attempt to reign in some of my bad habits and replace them with some better, healthier ones will also give me sense of accountability – to you, my readers!!

My first lofty goal: getting to bed earlier.  It may not be hard for some, but for me, it most definitely is.  Look through the gallery to read some practical ways I hope to execute this process and chime in th comments if you have any tricks to pass along …

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