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We are at that place again … time for a kitchen re-do??  Last year, at this very same time, we were talking about doing a renovation to our then kitchen.  Fast forward to right now, in the new-to-us house, and we are contemplating the same thing.  The kitchen we are currently in is dated with the oak cabinets and ‘wave-like’ backsplash, but more than liveable at this point.  It’s not a for sure, done deal that we will be able to do it soon, but the dreaming about it has me all giddy!

Because of how our kitchen is situated in the floor plan, we have no dining room.  Which, for me, makes the remodel (until we can do a total ‘blow out the walls’ renovation and re-work the floorplan) important with how we lay things out.  We are talking about having a dropdown off of the island for our kitchen table, taking out upper cabinets on one wall, flipping the island, refacing the boxes, tiling a wall … gah!  My heart is beating fast at the moment just envisioning all the changes!  With how the kitchen is laid out, I think dark charcoal/black cabinets will suit it well.  And with the dark, brass seems to fit the best in my mind(!).  So until we actually have something in place, I’ll be dreaming over here if you need me.PIN

/1. what a beautiful shelf  /2. subway tiles and wood beams for days  /3. brick, brick, brick, get me some brick!  /4. the antique pendants, layout of kitchen, colors … this one’s my favorite (and all of the deVOL kitchens for that matter!)

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