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PINIt’s been a while since I posted what books I am currently learning from, challenging my opinions with, gleaning from, and just plain enjoying!  Different seasons bring out different interests … lately I am finding that novels are a little more out of reach.  I don’t mind a good novel when I get into it, but I feel that I don’t know a good novel until one is recommend to me!  So, if you have any fiction suggestions, please send them this way.  But until then, biographies and non-fictions – rock on!

/1. Homegrown Honey Bees – Alethea Morrison

There is a cute little honey company on the other side of Okotoks called ‘Chinook Honey Company‘.  We visited recently and I picked up this beginners guide to keeping bees as we will be embarking on that journey sooner than later (I think bees arrive in a couple of weeks!)!  It only seemed fitting to buy a bee book … I like reading books instead of pages over the internet anyways.  Already learning things, like how mice are known to burrow in hives in the winter in desperation to stay warm – who knew?  I would have never thought to google that … !!!

/2. The Life-Giving Home – Sally + Sarah Clarkson

Funny story.  I completely forgot that I had bought this book until a friend started chatting about it with me a few weeks ago.  As my girlfriend was describing it, things seemed oddly familiar and yet it wasn’t hitting home yet that I actually owned it!  I researched it when I got home, and still, no recollection of purchasing it (which isn’t like me … once I buy a book, I read it!).  Anyways, details aside, I found it and have re-familiarized myself with why I bought it!  The first time it was recommended to me, I felt like I was resonating with the overall idea – making your house a home.  Picking it up, I felt wisdom being imparted from experience and encouragement to continue the path I’m on.  I’m not through it, but loving it.  P.s. it’s a highlighter book … make sure you have a highlighter ready!

/3. The NEW Strong-Willed Child – Dr. James Dobson

If I’m not mistaken, I think the first publication of this book was back in 1978.  The fact that it is still a highly sought after book nearly 40 years later carries the weight of it being a keeper for the ‘ol bookshelf.  I started reading it back in January and have been picking away at it, bit by bit, since.  Like any other parenting book, you take some and leave some, but I’ve done a lot of taking from this one.  Obviously, not all children are the same and will all need their own unique approaches … he just has some good insights for some general situations.  Anytime I read parenting literature, it works as a bouncing board for the way I am currently parenting and it is always good.  Good to know why I do things the way I do (because it forces you to think of the ‘whys’), and also good to view things from a different perspective to perhaps change things up a bit.

/4. Mastering the Art of French Eating – Ann Mah

I have not yet even opened this one as I picked it up the other night from a bargain bin at Chapters ($5 books – hooray!).  Since ready the book ‘French Kids Eat Everything‘, my eyes have been opened to closely observe how some Europeans eat verses how some North Americans eat.  And realizing, maybe the way we have accepted to eat isn’t always the best way.  Anyways, the title grabbed me and I’m hoping this author’s experience will shed some more insight from the French culture and habits and maybe I can transfer that to some of my cooking(!).

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