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a summer welcome.

PINSummer was our best season: it was sleeping on the back screened porch in cots, or trying to sleep in the treehouse; summer was everything good to eat; it was a thousand colors in a parched landscape…” – Scout Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird

There’s just something about a calm summer’s eve and the other night, we got to experience it.  No wind, the beating hot rays from the sun that hadn’t fully set, kids playing the endless outdoor games, easy dinners on the porch, a little bee-keeping, picking away at the garden til 10pm … the perfect summer eve.  Literally, all that we were missing was a summer peach pie or some cool root beer floats and some nearby water for an after dinner swim.  Every part of the night screamed summer.

PINIt’s been busy season over here – getting the garden set up, learning the ropes of chicken rearing, hosting parties (so many, so fun, so tiring!), keeping up with our dog’s new tricks (running on the road for one – eep!), birthdays and year-end celebrations … It’s been a constant buzz, but when you get to a perfect evening like that night, you get the chance to stop, reflect and recognize the good, the beauty, the life that is happening around you.  In a world that continually hops and hums, you have to simply embrace those natural pauses intended for you to take.

Summer for me, is a pause.  A break.  An intermission from daily life.  Impromptu river swims, roadside berry picking, watermelon and lemonade all day-everyday, boycotting naps/rest times to splash in the pool or run in the sprinkler, cotton and linen drying on the wash line, ice cream runs before bed, weeknight fires, picnics and lake days, camping breakfasts, the rodeo … all things that are easy to do in summer and not so much in any other season.  All things that require a bit of spontaneity and not too much thought put into it.  And for me, all these things define h i a t u s.

For some, this upcoming season is your busiest and for others, like me, not so much.  But whatever side of the fence you reside on, grasp onto these summer moments and be sure to breath in the rest that comes with it – busy or not, the sun (up here at least!) lasts longer as do your days, as do your opportunities for rest.  Linger in these junctures as the sun lingers until the autumn winds come again.  Find solace in the solstice of summer.  Treasure this season that is sunny on your doorstep.

Summer, we welcome you!


pic pix: one perfect summer eve, 24.Jun.2017, on the porch

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