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Isn’t it funny how day by day, nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different? – C.S. Lewis

When I started my original blog (back in 2009), I never once thought I could get so busy with my life that sharing my ramblings and ebbs of life would or even could go under the radar.  Or, in other words, it has surprised me that I’ve had such a radio silence over here.  This space has been an area for me to not only process thoughts but refine them.  It’s not just a journal for me, writing words then simply publishing anything that comes to mind.  It’s become somewhere I am challenged to clarify my mind’s chattering and clutter … somewhere I search out what I really mean and find truth to encourage with.  I’ve missed it, to say the least!

In some ways, I don’t even know how to begin because much has transpired between today and my last post (last June!).  Just jumping in may be the best only to get back “into it” persay … how can something so part of one’s life slowly make it’s way to ‘later’ pile?

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention.  Be astonished.  Tell about it.  – Mary Oliver, ‘Sometimes’

Change.  That is the only reasonable explanation I can think of.  Change that has not yet settled me or my life currently.  Change that is still very much up in the air.

For 2017, I was anticipating a lot different results … having Elkan here being number one on my mind.  Last Christmas (2016), I remember talking to him and telling him how next year would be his first Christmas, that he’d already be 5 months old, and so on.  Additionally, I didn’t think we were going to have a garden because we were going to have a summer baby but, did we ever have a garden last year!  A little unruly and not as well planned, but a beautiful, creative expression nonetheless.  Which then led to harvesting – another change in the plans!  What a job that has been and a major learning curve for this gardener-wannabe.

We were praying for another gift of a child … and though we had no idea how things would pan out, we have been graciously blessed with this pregnancy and our newest addition will be here in a couple short months – March 2018!  This is yet, another big change we could have never planned or had control of.  A change that has this mama still unable to completely have her footings at times, in the most excited kind of way!

But at the end of it all, and through all of life’s busy-ness and our lack of control in the midst of it, the changes that came our way last year were hard but beautiful.  Unanticipated but embraced.  Unexpected yet thrilling.  Unfathomable yet no other way teachable.

Change isn’t always going to produce the outcomes we hope for.  Daily, change inhabits our rhythms, but how often do we view it as a gift and not a hiccup?

Like previous years, Matt and I have contemplated over a word that we will strive to improve on and increase in for the specific year.  In 2017, we chose s t e w a r d i n g.  2016, s t e a d y , s l o w , s i m p l e.  For 2015, i n t e n t i o n.  For this new upcoming year, we have come to the word…

p e r s i s t : to last or endure tenaciously; to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action

Despite the changes being hurled at us, or the unexpected surprising us, we want to take this year, and endure tenaciously.  Already, I know as we enter the territory of adding another family member to this tribe, we are in for a grande and wonderful delight, let alone ALL the other unforeseen beauties this year has for us.  Sadness, grief, joy, heart swells of pride, pain, delight … this year will be a year we persist through with confidence, with purpose.  

Regardless of what it holds, I want to strive to view it and live life as the gift it is.  So change, c’mon!  Bring it!


pic pix: camping in the smoky air, outside of Sand Point, ID,





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