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    life: [noun] the period between birth and death of a person. that's what's going on over here. the everything in between. the breaths that are exclusively mine, the experiences only i can carry out, and the moments that were specifically created for me. this is my story.

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names & and a giveaway. [closed]

There is something about simple art that I just love.  The rawest, shortest, minimalist amount of something can be so full. interesting. captivating.  Writing out a name being an

this mama is.

There really is such a thing called a “funk” after having babies.  Not that I didn’t really believe it, but I never thought that I could be one to go through it.  It’s not

He will quiet you.

Through Instagram, I heard about a tragic accident that killed a 3 year old boy last Friday.  I don’t know the family, nor had I heard about them before it became public.  After the


My whole life, it seems, I’ve gone to great lengths just to be original. A simple but substantiated example, I’ll take you back to the 7 year old Sarah.  As a general rule, kids

because he bends down to listen.

Since Hunter was born, I’d have to say, this has been the craziest, most challenging, busiest, most tiring time of my entire life.  I’ve hit some lows and hard times before, but

colorfully said & read.

Part of my lineage is french, we live in a bi-lingual country … naturally, I’ve always wanted to be able to fluently speak it.  I took basic french in my schooling years and would

three years ago…

My life changed. My name, my living arrangements, my family, my future…all got redesigned, transformed into what now is part of my everyday life.  The beautiful life I get to live with the

a love for every crook & cranny.

In less than 24 hours we will be on the plane, headed for Palm Springs!  I am a little on the nervous side, but more on the excited side to be travelling with two littles.  Keeping my fingers

free and whole.

This is my view presently … just kidding.  Wish it was!  Instead, I’m in bed. I’ve been fighting a migraine the past two days and it is ugly this time around.


Seriously, I am so in love. These boys rule my life.  My energy, thoughts, emotions, and actions are all put into their very livelihoods, and I love it.  Every squeal, giggle, coo …

spend time with me.

WHAT WILL YOU DISCOVER?  LOOK DEEPER.  ONE ON ONE. Have you ever felt like the very thing you are supposed to be doing (yet you’re ignoring), seems to jump out at you, subtly or


when two brothers met. from Sarah Nadine Arsenault on Vimeo. One of my goals this year is to get on my documenting game.  I love to take pictures, but don’t get to the point where I

a redo.

redo: [v] riːˈdu – do (something) again or differently.Tonight was supposed to be different.  I had plans with a friend that fell through and was feeling pretty bummed that

language of color.

I’ve always been drawn to color and know that it’s always made things make sense for me.  Right down to making sure the different shades of green on my socks and on my shirt

what do i know.

NEVER BE AFRAID T O  T R U S T  A N UNKNOWN F U T U R E T   O    A K N O W N  G O D c o r r i e  t e n  b o o m unknown: | ,ən’nōn | (adjective) not known or familiar Even when we think our

happy christmas.

Merry Christmas friends! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!  Being with friends and family, carrying out new and old traditions, eating some oh-so-delicious food – that is

everything i have. everything i am.

The other day, some sweet friends asked if they could come by to ‘pamper’ me.  While the lot of our children played, I got the royal treatment!  Breakfast (sweet & savory


Life…is good. Life is busy.  Life gets hectic (when you allow it).  Life seem to go way too quickly.  Life is so full of beautiful things. It’s been another season of movement and change


As mentioned previously, I’ve been working on our company books as of late to get caught up before baby no.2 arrives.  It’s been a little time consuming, but I am almost there!

reading list.

As goes my 4 month planning schedule, September is the last third of this year’s cycle (Jan-Apr; May-Aug; Sep-Dec).  Over the past few days, I’ve been compiling things I want to

a summer night.

All’s pretty quiet tonight.  The evening light is absolutely gorgeous in my ‘lived in’ living room … and these homemade plum galettes are to die for. We’re

sweet thought.

We’ve been battling these colds/eye infections here all week, and have not been ourselves.  My poor little buddy is cuddling all the time – which does some therapy for both of us,

think. less.

I’ve been reading about different women in the Bible lately, and have noticed an “interesting” commonality…they weren’t perfect. Yes, you read that right, not perfect.

my portion.

Why should I feel discouraged? Why should the shadows come?Why should my heart be lonely.And long for heaven and home.When Jesus is my portion…My constant friend is He.His eye is on the

keeping it real.

There’s something about this day of technology that is so enticing, convenient, energizing.  It’s a way to stay connected, learn new things, hone skills and ideas.  But there is also a

quiet night.

Matt was out tonight helping with flood cleanup in High River, so things over here seemed pretty low-key…very untypical of our evenings lately.  Whether it’s commitments,

howdy from cowtown.

With the recent tragedy of the flood hitting my home town (and surrounding areas), I’ve been a bit caught up in finding ways to help/be a part.  Our direct community was not hit with the


We went and visited Matt’s aunt today.  Between her, the goat, the few chickens, and her massive garden, Judah stayed entertained!  She let me plant a few rows of veggies, so


We all go through spells.  Times of vibrancy, seasons of dullness.  Moments we find it easy to rejoice in the good things, moments we find doing that so hard.  With all of our changes

something about rainy days.

Not sure about you, but after some warm days with sunshine, I find a rainy day so cozy.  As long as it’s not snow in May (which yes, happens up here sometimes), the crisp bit of

life as a train.

Imagine. A train moving quickly in an open desert.  You’re riding horseback (or whatever vehicle you dream about!) alongside it, trying to catch up.  This train is your life.  You feel like

thoughts. things.

Mothers Day It’s not every weekend that we get to pamper our Mom and Gramma a little (or them let us do the pampering!).  On Saturday, my sis and I set up my Gramma’s sunroom for

thinking about …

“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private; and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.”  ~ C.S. Lewis The Weight of Glory It’s

be back soon …

Remember that wedding that I mentioned a while ago, that felt like it would never come?!  Well, it’s here!  Today we are flying down to Mexico to celebrate the marriage of my

dig the new digs.

Home is the nicest word there is. ~Laura Ingalls Wilder Our new home is even greater than what I was anticipating…it’s relaxing.  It’s open.  It’s quiet.


“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.” John Maeda There’s something about living a simple life that grasps the essence of my dreams.  The