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    life: [noun] the period between birth and death of a person. that's what's going on over here. the everything in between. the breaths that are exclusively mine, the experiences only i can carry out, and the moments that were specifically created for me. this is my story.

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put it away.01

Usually, my lack of writing has been a result of “unfound inspiration” or lack of time … lately, it has definitely been the latter.  How people manage to work full-time, be a

what door?

A few years back, I went on an Ontario “Family & Friends” visit.  Pretty much, everyone that I knew in Ontario, I visited over the course of 14 days.  Pretty packed as I

the (more than) happy hat

The other day I wore a hat … a new hat, at that.  I am a “hat person” by nature, and love wearing them as much as I love buying them!  Even while we were at

s’more of the simplicity…

What a great long weekend camping in Kananaskis – Blue Rock Campground (can’t believe that it’s already “last weekend”!).  Away from it all…phones, internet,

is it enough?

A few months ago, we went down to Montana for a quick get-away.  Very fun, beautiful, relaxing, fulfilling (shopping and all!).  While we were down there, we saw this old Ford F-700 that I

his image.wonderful

wonderful : full of wonderinspiring delight : delightful inspiration Everything he does reveals his glory and majesty.His righteousness never fails.He causes us to remember his wonderful works.How

run hard

There are clubs you can’t belong toNeighborhoods you can’t live inSchools you can’t get in toBut the roads are always open.Just do it. This is a Nike poster I’ve been holding


 This day was THE happiest day of my life!!  There was so much promise fulfilled  as God shared His pure JOY with us … pic pix:  picture courtesy of


It’s been hard to be creative lately. From writing here or my journal, playing or composing music, or just having the ‘oomph’ to start a project … it’s been hard.


It’s been 42 days since we got hitched! Forty-two days that I have been a married woman, a wife! In so many ways, I cannot believe the time has gone by so quickly. Yet in other ways, I still


In 25 days, I will be marrying m’Love … the man who encourages me daily, challenges me to new heights continually, protects me, loves on me, believes in what I dream to do/or become,


Sometimes, I just wish there was another 2 hours of sunlight to spend outside, another 45 minutes to meet a deadline due right now, and, as I told myself this morning, another 3 hours to sleep after

another go, a new day

Once again, the aura envelopes us … fresh air, new beginnings, crisp intentions … a new year! Never have I really made resolutions for a new year, but I always anticipate this

gramma day

  What a joy…having a Gramma day! We got up “early” this morning to take the three hour hike up to Edmonton…me and mi familia. By the time we arrived, lunch was wafting in

keep it simple

Yes … it is really only 59 days away! With SO much to do! As I am being told by everyone, “Plans do change!” I was hoping to get my invites out before Christmas (ha!), but we could

crazy rest

WOW!! It’s been a whirlwind as of late … getting engaged, planning a wedding for February, finding a new house and starting to move, Christmas … but, oh-so-much fun!!! There is

going to the chapel ….

and we’re GONNA GET MARRIED!!! I love you Darling xo pic pix: earlier tonight … can’t believe the look on my face!! 23.Nov.2010


As a wee one, my mom read my brother and I Eric Carle’s – The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Everytime she would get to the word “cocoon”, we would laugh in hysterics! Not really

blitz trips.2

As promised … some visuals from me and my Dad’s rendezvous in NYC!! pic pix: NYC memoirs, New York, NY Sept.2010


As I’m going through some big changes right now (never have I not had a job working crazy hours, I now am working on creating an actual Sarah-schedule … ), there are alot of

some sites seen in sfo

Here’s a little “taste” of our fast-blast down to San Francisco last Saturday … …M’love … ready to eat that seafood he

enough of this

My last few months have been tiring, deciding, and revealing.  Priority is an attribute I am wanting to execute with each given breath I am granted.  Taking an inventory of what I have

it’s about time

… TIME … is of the essence [Unknown] is the justice that examines all offenders [William Shakespeare] is ticking away [DCTalk] (the reason for …) is so that everything

it’s about time

… TIME … is of the essence [Unknown] is the justice that examines all offenders [William Shakespeare] is ticking away [DCTalk] (the reason for …) is so that everything

come, walk, learn, keep

COME to me … I’ll show you how to take a real rest …It takes a step, a point of surrender, to know freedom and have rest.  An area/submission that will be a life’s

come, walk, learn, keep

COME to me … I’ll show you how to take a real rest …It takes a step, a point of surrender, to know freedom and have rest.  An area/submission that will be a life’s

eye-catching tones

Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life  ~ Vincent Van Gogh ~ What ever would we do without the cheery element[s] and colorful threads found on a color wheel?! pic

how are hue?

I was feeling down tonight … everything was compiling and heaping over me so deep, that by the time I went to go write and release my thoughts, I couldn’t focus on exactly what it was

up close

The closer you near a subject, there is more that is revealed.  Sometimes pain, as a wound that could be freshly exposed, tender, or premature.  But usually deep revelation exclaims

berry christmas!

berries + snow = “eye” delight {get it … “I” delight”!!} pic pix: berries from the trees around my house – December 22 ’09


fore-ground: noun [the part of the view that is nearest to the observer; the most prominent or important position or situation] fore-ground: verb [make (something) the most prominent or important

certain certainties

When you are absolutuley sure about something, you exhibit confidence, you stride with a bold step, you “know what you know”! Sometimes I wonder if I am really CERTAIN of joy, and what


I went out with a ‘kindred spirit’ for a latte last tonight. Though we are exact opposites, I say ‘kindred’ because regardless of our personalities and character styles

what am i created for … that which i am created of …

Yes … my sister will be so proud of me for capturing such a special momento from our evening’s viewing of the latest “New Moon”!! We were treated by our dear friend Sara

colorful skies

Took this shot earlier this evening as I was absolutely stunned with the sky’s colors, depths, textures, and ’emotions’. No photoshop here, just God’s spectacular handiwork


I’ve gotten SO spoiled, working for an airline, thinking I need to travel every couple months! Looking through photos again this morning, I was longing that I be in France, Chile, Malaysia,