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    life: [noun] the period between birth and death of a person. that's what's going on over here. the everything in between. the breaths that are exclusively mine, the experiences only i can carry out, and the moments that were specifically created for me. this is my story.

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Judah West: you call this our family park and you especially love this train.Hunter Elias: that smirk just about says it all – t r o u b l e ! !


Judah West: Closet clown.Hunter Elias: Rocking clown.


Judah West: You were very happy to pose for these pictures (with your great Auntie Shirley) and are quite proudly telling the story of how you scraped your nose after you crashed your bike with


Judah West: Your imagination is amazing.  I hope you never lose touch with it.Hunter Elias: Your need for adventure is riveting.  May you always put the “epic” in what you

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After much anticipation, we were finally able to meet our friend’s baby girl, Nia, the other day.  She is such a beautiful baby and the most darling thing to hold (at the stage she still


Judah West:  Every type of machinery intrigues you.  To whomever thought to add these “diggers” to playgrounds, me and my son are very grateful. Hunter Elias:  Just


Judah West:  You love reading … and finding little nooks!  (**sneak preview of the almost finished playroom!**) Hunter Elias:  How are you looking so much like a little boy


Do you get to a point where you have just had ENOUGH?  Where everything seems to come to a head at one time and that was the last straw/the bubbling over bit/the tipping point?  Oh, you


Judah West:  There’s always a new game to play.Hunter Elias:  Your face always has a new story to tell.

nine months …

It’s only days before Hunter is going to be 10 months!!  Figured, I should post his 9 month blurp before then (just following the same “behind” pattern for every other month


Judah West:  My little explorer.Hunter Elias: My little adventurer.


Judah West:  Did some modelling to show off Auntie Candaci’s crocheting skills.  You definitely make that cute hat even cuter. Hunter Elias:  Out at Auntie Shelley’s land,

family pics.

Last month before our vacation, my ever so talented friend, Sherah, took some photos of us down at the river.  It was a super hot day (for up here in Canada, at least!) and to dip our feet in


Judah West:  Already, at this age, we can see you have the potential for some life-long friendships.  You are a loyal friend.Hunter Elias:  To see this bond with your brother already


Judah West:  We love watching you explore new things.  By the end of our camping trip, you were not afraid of the water one bit.  Here you are, “walking on the


Judah West: Always looking for a way to help … you like being a big boy.Hunter Elias: This week, you were my extra early riser.  This view made it all worth it.


Judah West: It was fun to watch you interact at this wedding … you were so intrigued by dancing, yet, didn’t want to break it down (as you have in the past).  You were quite the


Judah West: You, my boy, will do anything for a laugh.   Hunter Elias: You, my boy, love your food in any shape or form or place.


Judah West: You are all boy.  Any moving machine/bike/car/you name it, you’re on it.  I love that you and your little buddy “helped” each other out.Hunter Elias: If

seven and eight months …

Choked that I’ve had to combine two months again, but as the age old saying says: Better late than never.  Here’s my heart-stealing Hunter-bear. 7 months Well folks, it’s

21 – 25/52

Oh. My. Goodness.  Here I go again … not posting my “weekly” portraits.  It’s easy enough to capture these boys on my camera every week, it’s just finding the

five and six months …

Apparently, this time of year, I am busy.  Last year, at this very same time, I combined two of Judah’s month-by-month posts as well(!). Onto the little rascal …  Wow …

this mama is.

There really is such a thing called a “funk” after having babies.  Not that I didn’t really believe it, but I never thought that I could be one to go through it.  It’s not

learning new balance.

I feel like I might be writing this post for the rest of my life.  Living life involves finding balance – constantly.  It seems that with every new season, we have to evolve our balancing

slowing it down.

This winter season has really taken a while.  Once again, it’s all white on the ground here and we have colds … again.  Not to be a complainer, but we (as a family) have not been

three months …

Ok.  So, where did this last month go?  Tomorrow, Hunter will be four months old and I still haven’t gotten these three month pics up (eep!!).  Thankfully I took these a month ago …

mornings like these.

Yesterday was the three month hump … our sweet baby Hunter is now 3 months old!  (his 3 month post coming!)  I remember this point with Judah.  Things began to feel

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Sitting at the dinner table the other night … Judah looks at me and says, “Mama, hot.”He then looks over to his ‘A-boo’ (Auntie Boo/Brittany), “A-boo,

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Me:  “Judah, say ‘excuse me’ before you leave the table.” Judah: (every time without fail) “Fi-fi.” pic pix: one time, during dinner before Hunter was born,

two months …

My last post about Hunter wasn’t exactly his “one month” post, but I thought it passed anyways(!).  Here’s the 2 month update on our little guy …  I’ve

embrace it.

There’s a lot to be said about going through the process of change when a newborn enters your world.  So much, that I can’t even remember it all (and I just had this little fella 8 weeks

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More often than not, my day carries a conversation that gets me laughing or keeps me laughing.  Some of them, I might never repeat ever again in my life (to save embarrassment), but most of them,

hunter elias.

So friends, as you probably have guessed (and anticipated!), my lengthy blogging break has been due to my son being born!  Alllow me to introduce you to our sweet baby boy, Hunter Elias. He was born


As mentioned previously, I’ve been working on our company books as of late to get caught up before baby no.2 arrives.  It’s been a little time consuming, but I am almost there!

day on the boat.

We were literally on the boat for hours … though it felt like only maybe one hour or two.  I’m relating it to kind of like how this summer has felt – moving way too quickly.  Maybe

happy weekend.

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”  Helen Keller. pic pix: pics from last year’s camping – Juju’s grown so much!, K-Country campsite, Jul, 2