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    life: [noun] the period between birth and death of a person. that's what's going on over here. the everything in between. the breaths that are exclusively mine, the experiences only i can carry out, and the moments that were specifically created for me. this is my story.

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Anybody that has moved before, I’m sure has uttered these very same words, “I am never moving again!”.  As I speak those words, I truly hope that is the case for us.  The property

our [lately] in pictures.

Lately, it’s been quiet here, but pretty loud in our day-to-day life.  Firstly, since having the freedom to drive, we’ve been getting OUT to say the very least!  Additionally, as I


Somedays are a lot easier than others.  Today, was not in the category of such.  We got a stomach bug which isn’t/wasn’t too too bad, but the boys were definitely not themselves today.

our {as of late} in pictures.

1. how is this little guy looking so old these days?! 2. my guys. 3. ‘yukon’ laugh at this picture, as there really is no other point except to show what kind of truck we have. 4. tree

our [last] weekend in pictures.

As I probably mentioned more than once over here, some special friends got married over the weekend.  It’s crazy View full post »

our [yester]day in pictures.

Yesterday was good.  The weather started off perfectly – cool enough in the morning to drink coffee on the patio, and warm enough with the perfect breeze around lunch to mid afternoon to hang

our [camping] weekend in pictures.

Last year, we went with a group of friends camping on the weekend after the may long weekend.  We loved it so much, that we decided to do it again this year, on the same weekend.  I think this means

our weekend in pictures.

And what a great weekend I had.  Being outside, enjoying this last “summer” weekend, and being with my sweet boys and husband … really, after a weekend like this, I cannot feel anything but

our [camping weekend] in pictures.

Our weekend was all about these little people … six little people to be exact!  We went with two other families southeast of town for a quick “kick off to the

our {fri}day in pictures.

1. good breakfast today.2. baths at 10:00am sound about right.3. even though it’s rainy outside today, these tulips bring much sunshine.5. IKEA lunch cutie.6. laundry for days years.7. waiting

our day in pictures.

1. juju’s portrait of me.2. after being stuck days inside, i thought we’d get out…to target!3. gorgeous day for a walk4. he insisted on wearing his

{a splash of} our day in pictures.

/1. messy lunch. /2. juju is starting to get the concept of puzzles *excited mom dance*./3. he’s such a mover … getting non-blurry pictures is rare./4. a christmas gift that

{glimpse} our day in pictures.

1. early morning ‘bubba’ (milk) in front of the Christmas tree 2. a bit of ambiance with our toast and fruit for breakfast. 3. little people.  little games. 4.

our day in pictures.

/1. a healthy start is always a good one./2. liked this out-of-focus view … the colors!/3. a special little friend we hung out with today./4. the gold medallions everywhere these days./5.

our {weekend} in pictures.

1. it’s so cool how God made the colors of food so beautiful. 2. this boy’s a-running these days. 3. sage & blackberry water … subtle, but so nice. 4. peonies –

our day in pictures.

1. morning coffee with a special friend.2. & 3. amazing smells coming from this place! 4. why is toilet paper so fascinating for wee hands?!5. a beautiful day for a walk … the

our day in pictures.

1. fruit juiced & avocado, healthy start = best start / 2. still enjoying last week’s flowers / 3.&4. a walk with the cousins / 5. catch me if you can / 6. a bit of

our day in pictures.

1. toys kind of remind me of christmas / 2. deckin’ the halls with chalkboard walls (work in progress…i ran out of chalk!) / 3. the eye of the trunk seen on our

our day in pictures

1. healthy, juicy start. 2. somebody LOVES to make the bed! 3. & 4. a little bit of project time. 5. layers.6. & 7. winter boulevard walk.8. playtime.9. prep for dinner

our day in pictures

1. snowy morning.2. sweater kind of day.3. a pattern I love.4. telling stories.5. making pear sauce.6. tortilla soup & crossword.7. music before bed.

{a smidget of} our day in pictures

1. friendly kisses with a special amiga. 2. words. 3. seems i can’t properly dress myself these days … wrong buttons done up. 4. bringing mid-day coffees to papa. 5. creating

our day in pictures

1. morning light, morning fun. 2. thrift store finds. 3. sprouts comfort food. 4. apple picking. 5. not sure if we really like apple picking. 6. lovin bath time. 7. home-made

our weekend in pictures

Moments from our labour day weekend … 1. niece & nephew love2. trying out the new mattress3. the makings of holy-moly, guacamole4. these lil ‘men’ crack me up5.

our day in pictures

1. the darndest, cutest little boy around2. afternoon read with an afternoon coffee3. summer afternoon thunderstorm4. someone loves their suce5. cute baby fingers6. never-ending