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Yes … my sister will be so proud of me for capturing such a special momento from our evening’s viewing of the latest “New Moon”!! We were treated by our dear friend Sara to the “very important people” sneak peak of the film tonight. Grande fun to say the least!

Taking off the bracelet, reading the label “V.I.P.”, and pondering for a moment … I came to thoughts again of how ‘very important’ it is to be the person I’ve been blueprinted as. Media, relationships, work, future … life can all distract us from seeing the development that we’ve become (if it be a work in progress, just beginning, or almost accomplished). Thats when we fail to realize how purposefully and wonderfully we are designed.
” … God created man in His own image …” [Genesis 1:27] Creating drawings on the computer, or even drawing free-hand, when dimensions are off or if your perception and perspective are not uniting to make the subject seem at all proper and proportioned, you don’t result in a very worthy result. Man can construct and build some beautiful and incredulous things, but nothing with a spirit, uniqueness, or purpose … life.
If it be at the airport, or riding on the c-train …. wherever you go, there is always some facet of this intrigue known as the human race. All ‘very important people’. One has been created to bring joy to all he meets, another dons grace with just her smile, etc … peoples’ personalities and progresses cannot even begin to compare to the purpose of which they live. Its almost like the movie The Pursuit of Happyness. Where, regardless of his state, will, and circumstance Will Smith’s character never lost the purpose and drive to live … to pursue.
Join me today and be in pursuit … remembering that you have been called a “V.I.P.” by a marvelous Maker (and me!) … that today’s purpose is for you to live fearfully and wonderfully made.
I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made … your works are wonderful, I know that full well – King David, Psalm 139 vs 14

pic pix: my VIP wristband 🙂– Calgary ’09
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I’ve gotten SO spoiled, working for an airline, thinking I need to travel every couple months! Looking through photos again this morning, I was longing that I be in France, Chile, Malaysia, Turkey … just somewhere more colorful and unlike where I am presently.

Different moments in travels, usually while hiking/exploring a country’s natural landscape, its dawned on me how beautiful and incredible it is to live where I am, in the Rocky Mountains … geographically, a wonder of the world. But how often is it that I’ve said the same about the life that I live?! “How beautiful, how incredible it is to live the life of Sarah?”
Somehow, not just with travel, we associate the “somewhere else” of our current situation [school, work, relationships] with adventure, satisfaction, enjoyment … and once we get here, to this very day in time, we’re still thirsty for tomorrow’s change. Its natural to want to move forward, and I don’t suggest that we flip the page back to yesterday, but I notice that days go by with me only skimming the page I’m on.
I see the amazing profile of the mountains to the west, the promise of new beginnings to the sun rising on the east … I’m loved by family and friends, I have my immediate needs taken care of, I am healthy … I have been given an effervescent life by a Creator who loves me … So, YES! Life is beautiful and incredible when I actually intake and absorb that vivacity which is leaping off of that leaf of paper I label “Today”.
Today, I strive to have a better attitude … outlook. Actually reading my life goings-on today and knowing that I am fulfilled and blessed.
“Satisfy us each morning with Your unfailing love … so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives … ”
Psalm 90:14

pic pix: a lively avenue we strolled while in Strasbourg, France – May ’09
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Honoring Matt’s grandma, family and friends gathered this weekend to celebrate her 85 years of heritage, family, and blessings. During the program that was prepared for her, and after something was shared, she leaned over with the biggest smile and whispered in response, “Sweet!”

I wish that I could remember exactly what it was that she found so delightful … it was a “glee” moment for me to hear her use such slang. Regardless, it struck me with a smile then and meets me again today digging a little deeper into the reality of “sweet’s” scope.

“Sweet” surpasses an expression, slang, and tasteful sensation. Sweetness describes a high degree of ‘great’ that no one really can otherwise explain. When someone is sweet … their natural vibes resonate of a cozy-type of nice. When someone is sweet on you … they look forward to seeing you, like a long anticipated treat! When you hum a sweet lullaby … a wholesomeness and innocence is assumed. When the hymn “Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus” is sung … what we’re really saying is ‘what could be more aromatic and assuring than His presence guiding our day-to-day lives’?!
Another song, from earlier years, that I still love to sing … “Sweet Wind” (David Ruis). It proclaims how God’s presence is sweet like wind blowing, rain pouring, fire burning. How can we compare anything to be GRANDER?! more AMAZING?! SWEETER?! We are privileged, spoiled really, to know and have access to such Creation, Power, and Existence. He avails Himself day & night, exceeding more than just our cravings and desires. And still, despite our shortcomings, we are pandered to points beyond our simple satisfactions.
I’ve never really had a sweet tooth (except…when it comes to loving chocolate!) and only once in a blue moon do I really have a sweetheart. But today, I take in and indulge … freedom, refreshedness, love … because my God is “Sweet!”
pic pix: one of the many(!) decadent desserts I devoured while in Ronda, Spain – Sept ’09

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There is always a mystery to what lies behind a closed door. A surprise, tragedy, wake-up call … the simplicity of an everyday occurrence. All reveal our utter lack of control to what will be disclosed when the knob is turned. Yet … we all have a choice to walk through the exhibited entrances/exits we front daily.

Sometimes opening a door creates opportunity that we could never have fathomed. Today, I was walking up a wide, ascending sidewalk. A young man in a wheelchair was working with concentrated efforts, making his way forward. My eyes were not looking or anticipating a “door” of any kind as I walked beside him. A man striding a bit ahead of me slowed down to start conversation with the younger man. Within seconds, the younger man asked if he would be willing to push him 20 feet farther to get over the hardest part of the hill. As if on queue, this ‘striding’ man instinctively helped him forward. Maybe everyone else would’ve seen such a door presented to open … I didn’t. It caused me to think “how many doors am I blind to?”

I continually ask God to show me these portals, for these types of opportunities. And here is one…this very day! Not to be down on myself that I didn’t jump in when I could’ve, but rather to focus on the reality that God follows through with His promises. He assured us that when we knock, He will open, answer, and create the doors of our needs, our cries, our hearts, our mysteries. That part IS taken care of.

Our part … we may not have the power to open or make “doors” appear, but we do have the capacity to ask God for direction to them, to knock when we get there, and to take the initial step through them.
pic pix: handle on the door to an old church [Wiesbaden, Germany] that was being restored while I was there June ’08 … I wonder how many non-Purelled hands have turned this nob??!!

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