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PINLike the other two boys, I *tried* to do a month-by-month update with how they were doing/progressing/learning/growing.  Try as I may, some months, I missed, others I didn’t document as much as I wanted, and yet others, I was able to fully encapsulate into a post.  Who knows how Israel’s documentation will go, but here’s a start! View full post »

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PINFifteen minutes.

Can I write something, in fifteen minutes?  I ask myself before sitting down to write this.  Any alone time these days has to be utilized for showering/bathing and using the bathroom.  It’s weird to think at one time I could accomplish a bunch of things within one hour – every day.  Whereas now, that seems like a dream.  Ha!  Yes, my productivity has gone down immensely, but my love for these boys has grown exponentially.  Clearly, I wouldn’t change a thing, but I am amazed at how time gets away on me too fast these days. View full post »

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color: persimmon

word of inspiration: relationship

source of word: Growing up, I never had tasted a persimmon, let alone even knew it existed!  There is a chance I could’ve tried it without knowing what it was, but nothing that I can remember.  Then, hanging over at a friends place in my college-age days, he made us all dinner and made the most delicious (and mysterious to me) persimmons.  I’m not even sure how he prepared them, but what I do remember is that very first time I tried a one.  Now, every time I see them, eat them, or even just think about them, I am flooded with memories of our friends-that-are-like-family dinners … a good association, I’d say.
/1. love me a blousy blouse like this one  /2. how cool is this towel set?  /3. i’ll take one of these for the pantry, please  /4. i’ve used the sea salts of this desert tulip flavor, and am quite positive i would love the soap also  /5. all the autumn colors  /6. this mug!  /7. now to only find these chairs …  /8. this is one of the coolest smeg fridge colors i’ve seen – i think i’m a bit obsessed with finding it for my house now  /9. pump up the persimmon  /10. combination of colors is perfect for my skin tone and i’m sure this ring belongs on my finger(!)
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PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINWell, hello friends!  Aaaand hello Tuesday …

It’s been interesting as we transition into this new season.  Currently, Israel is still without a true schedule so we are all a bit in limbo when it comes to ‘plans’ these days.  For example, we made loose plans to build a fire outside today around 10am.  Long story short, the little guy didn’t know our plans had a time schedule(!) and ended up dictating another plan with his needs.  Our fire wasn’t built til nearly noon!  We had no where to be, and I’m just glad we had our fire (thanks to my Mom and Dad popping over!), but still … when you set out to do something and your plans get interrupted, it can be a tad frustrating.

All this babbling to say, that even though the day didn’t go as planned and I had to adjust my attitude <ahem> multiple times and not give into it being one of those “Tuesdays”, I look at these pictures and realize what I gift I have being these boys’ mama.  And though it may be testing/challenging/frustrating at moments, I’m pretty sure I’ll only remember the sweet memories from days like these.

1. our daily ‘morning fire’ – thanks netflix.

2. my first coffee in a couple of weeks. hoping that Israel doesn’t get too bothered with it so I can get back to my daily grind.

3. hunter and his pepere.

4. not so happy camper with the fire smoke.

5. hunter and his yaya.

6. hut hut!

7. the “present” he made and wrapped for me.

8. some sensory ‘school’ time.

9. our wee couch potato.

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  • November 19, 2015 - 2:37 pm

    Calista - I’m so glad you’re all gradually adjusting to life with Israel. I wish I lived close enough to babysit. I haven’t held a tiny one in what seems like forever and I miss it dearly.

    Re: attitude adjustments: I seem to need one when life doesn’t go according to my plan sometimes too. You aren’t alone 🙂 <3ReplyCancel

    • November 20, 2015 - 3:17 pm

      sarah nadine - i’m sure israel would love a snuggle! you just have to find a way to incorporate a mountain get-away into your near future plans 🙂

      and yes … sometimes i think i want to be in control until it comes to self-control! glad to know i’m not by myself on this one.