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happy week and a bit.

So, it’s here … the event we’ve been anticipating since we got home last year … Idaho, here we come! May you all have colorful summer weeks and I’ll be back soon to

howdy from cowtown.

With the recent tragedy of the flood hitting my home town (and surrounding areas), I’ve been a bit caught up in finding ways to help/be a part.  Our direct community was not hit with the

lil bit of fish ‘n chips.

Because morning sickness has kept me void of getting anything productive done this week (ugh), we decided to head out for dinner tonight.  Earlier today, I heard from some friends about

thoughts. things.

Has it EVER been a busy time!  From the first week of June, until this last weekend, we have been going going going!!  Like I mentioned in my last post, new things, changes, busyness. 

awaiting the arrival

My mind has been, let’s just say, “occupied” with when baby will finally makes it’s debut!  The actual 40-week due date was May 25.  I have officially come to terms

random thoughts & things

After my breakfast (tried this french toast recipe today…yum!), a bit of cleaning up, a pleasant visit with my midwife, lunch with my beautiful friend, a long afternoon nap, grocery shopping


It’s mornings like these … that I wish I still had Sprouts. Just over six years ago, I opened up a little cafe in an industrial area in Calgary.  The food was all fresh, healthy and

lovin’ it

This morning I woke up to such a beautiful surprise …. the sun!!  It was 5:45am, and the rays were already warming our room with golden happiness.  I am NOT your by-the-book morning

clean slate

Lately, I’ve had this “thing” with white.  White & cream, layered textures on my bed, milky winter skies, really minimalist home design ideas, soft baby blankets that are