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colorboard / no.46

color: golden rod yellow, blush (yes, again), pewter blues word of inspiration: new beginnings  source of word: With spring in the air, our hearts healing, blooms and sprouts soon to be making their

colorboard / no.45

color: mint, wood, copper, blush, mahogany, sage, moss … all the muted colors! word of inspiration: autumn source of word:  It’s funny how pastel colors get highlighted in spring whereas

colorboard / no.44

color: black, white, cream, au naturel word of inspiration: home, comfort source of word:  With the new move, you might say that I’ve been daydreaming a little bit in regards to how to make

colorboard / no.43

color: fresh green, white with a splash of reclaimed grey wood word of inspiration: samples of spring source of word:  It’s been a beautiful winter, and now beautiful spring … I feel like

colorboard / no.42

color: white, mint green, rust, wine, browns and all the rest word of inspiration: current state source of word:  I’d have to say, that if I were to give a color palette for what this

colorboard / no.41

color: persimmon word of inspiration: relationship source of word: Growing up, I never had tasted a persimmon, let alone even knew it existed!  There is a chance I could’ve tried it without

colorboard / no.40

color: blush and olive green word of inspiration: familiarly fresh source of word: For me, anything with olive green brings on nostalgia.  With all it’s cozy, crisp, fresh, familiar

colorboard / no.39

color: black & white (with textures galore!) word of inspiration: BLOGLOVIN’ & because, this combo is one of my favorites source of word: A couple years ago, I joined BLOGLOVIN‘

colorboard / no.38

color: nautical navy & white with natural browns word of inspiration: SUMMER source of word: It seems that everything this summer has a bit of a nautical flair to it.  The combination is fresh,

colorboard / no.37

color: red, black, yellow with some turquoise word of inspiration: Calgary FLAMES! source of word: Our hometown team is in the first round of the playoffs … what better way to show

colorboard / no.36

color: grey and copper word of inspiration: pleasant source of word: “Don’t water your weeds.” – Harvey Mackay [def: adj. pleasing, agreeable, enjoyable].  Why waste time in

colorboard / no.35

color: chocolate brown and oatmeals word of inspiration: comfort source of word: If you look for truth, you may find COMFORT in the end; if you look for COMFORT you will not get either COMFORT or

colorboard / no.34

color: hunter green with gilded gold word of inspiration: reminiscing source of word: Clearly, I just love the name of this color … because of my sweet boy!  But this

colorboard / no.33

color: oxblood / grey / blue tones word of inspiration: embracing the season source of word: In life, seasons are constantly changing.  The only way to enjoy it (whether hard or easy)

colorboard / no.32

color: black/white/wood/gold word of inspiration: balanced perspective +PLUS+ … I accepted the challenge from Chairish to style a board around one of their barstools

colorboard / no.31

color: chartreuse/blush/navy word of inspiration: BLissss [perfect happiness; great joy]source of word: If I were to have a favorite color combo right now, this would be it.

colorboard / no.30

color: royal “electric” blue with browns word of inspiration: camping bring-a-longs (aka. needs)source of word: This is one combination of colors that reminds me

colorboard / no.29

color: sunshiny yellows word of inspiration: our May weather this yearsource of word: “In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” ~

colorboard / no.28

color: hues of brittany blues (aka – tiffany blues) word of inspiration: my sister, Brittany Danaesource of word: My sister Brittany turned 25 on wednesday {happy

colorboard / no.27

color: apple green, charcoal grey, pale blue(s) word of inspiration: fresh start – taking something old and making it new by changing perspective [my interpretation].source

color board / no.26

color: driftwood word of inspiration: spring [noun. the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear …]source of word: Springtime in

colorboard / no.25

color: dash of cinnamon with ink blueword of inspiration: order [noun. methodical or harmonious arrangement]source of word: Order is what exists before you start arranging

color board / no.24

color: 13 shades of poppy red word of inspiration: essential [adj. absolutely necessary; extremely important] source of word: “I love bright red drinks,

colorboard / no.23

color: peanut-ish brown with aqua word of inspiration: comfortable [n. physically relaxed and free from constraint] source of word: When I’m most

language of color.

I’ve always been drawn to color and know that it’s always made things make sense for me.  Right down to making sure the different shades of green on my socks and on my shirt

color board / no.21

color: peacock blue word of inspiration: secure [not subject to threat; certain to continue or remain safe or unharmed] source of word: There’s an ageless sense about this color

color board / no.20

color(s): antique gold, turquoise, & whiteword of inspiration: eclectic: deriving styles, tastes, or ideas from a broad and diverse range of sources source of word: How such bold

colorboard / no.19

color(s): pendleton mix of black & redword of inspiration: cozying into autumn source of word: “Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a

colorboard / no.18

color: puttyword of inspiration: moments you discover new things about yourself source of word: You know how some brands “name” their clothes? One time, I found a

colorboard / no.17

color: lemonadeword of inspiration: pick me up source of word: Simply put, when it’s been a long day, or I just need a refresher, I resort to lemons.  Especially lemonade.1.

colorboard / no.16

color: soft salmonword of inspiration: God’s irrepressible, sustaining grace source of word: “You and I may find ourselves overwhelmed at times – at the end

colorboard / no.15

color: whites & creams word of inspiration: summer dreams source of word: I’ve been dwelling on the thoughts of summer lately, and a theme of whites/creams

colorboard / no.14

color: piecemealing greys – warm, cold, subtle & bold word of inspiration: ebb and flow [a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and

lovin’ it

This morning I woke up to such a beautiful surprise …. the sun!!  It was 5:45am, and the rays were already warming our room with golden happiness.  I am NOT your by-the-book morning

rain brings…

“I like rain, actually.” Bill Rodgers There’s a constant trickle of water falling from the sky … I almost don’t want to sleep for the sole reason of enjoying the sound

clean slate

Lately, I’ve had this “thing” with white.  White & cream, layered textures on my bed, milky winter skies, really minimalist home design ideas, soft baby blankets that are