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a whole year ago.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t believe that it has been an entire year.  They say time flies.  And yes, it most definitely does, but it feels like a lifetime that our baby boy was

au revoir twenty sixteen … bonjour twenty seventeen.

Memories squeezed in small pictures.  Moments captured on film.  Time captured in our head space to reminisce.  There’s something so wonderful about embarking on a new year with fresh vision

a little morning muse.

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.  Israel went down for a nap, and the older two got (extremely) bundled up to go out in the frigid temperatures.  The house got quiet.  It was that

me time with the boys.

“Listen–are you breathing just a little and calling it life?” – Mary Oliver Maybe this sounds funny, but it’s not every that I get to spend ALL day with my boys.  Sure,

my job.

This morning was a frustrating one getting out the door.  We had a battle of the wills, diapers/back/clothes/bumbo, the foreboding task of finding matching clean socks … to name a few.

being mama.

If I were to get a glimpse into the person I am today, only 4 years ago, I don’t think I would believe it.  Had I had the chance to feel the love that I feel today, four years ago, I would

christmas 2015.

We laughed.  We ate.  We played in the snow.  We stayed in our pjs all day, for days.  We made new memories.  We followed through with years long traditions.  We hugged.  We cheered.  We ate. View

israel rhodes.

He is here.  He is finally here!  Our sweet baby boy, Israel Rhodes, joined us on this side October 12, 2015 at 2:37am – healthy, happy and ready to take on the world.  His calm countenance and

our [camping] weekend in pictures.

Last year, we went with a group of friends camping on the weekend after the may long weekend.  We loved it so much, that we decided to do it again this year, on the same weekend.  I think this means

thoughts. things.

b a b y How can we already be at the 20 weeks mark?!  Seriously, I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going … at moments, it makes me wonder what I’m doing with my time.

over here.

Happy week, friends!  It’s been a bit of a crazy few weeks over here – for more ways than one.  Not only is my role within our business busy lately…  we are expecting another

a ‘good new year to ya’ post.

Holiday noun: 1. a holy day 2. day of festivity when no work is done Well, maybe number 2 didn’t happen in it’s entirety(!) but it was still a relaxing ‘holy day’ time.  All

dear 2014 …

It’s funny how a traditional season and then a season for all things new are lined up back-to-back on our calendar year.  We spend a whole month (December) up-keeping traditions and

oh christmas tree.

Due to limited time, we weren’t able to get out to the mountains to pick out our tree this year BUT, we were able to get down to Ikea to pick out the very next best thing.  I mean, for

an afternoon drive.

The other Sunday we took a drive to a favorite little spot that we’ve been to a million times (it seems!) for a picnic hang.  Thankfully, it wasn’t as cold as it is this week

family pics.

Last month before our vacation, my ever so talented friend, Sherah, took some photos of us down at the river.  It was a super hot day (for up here in Canada, at least!) and to dip our feet in

learning new balance.

I feel like I might be writing this post for the rest of my life.  Living life involves finding balance – constantly.  It seems that with every new season, we have to evolve our balancing

slowing it down.

This winter season has really taken a while.  Once again, it’s all white on the ground here and we have colds … again.  Not to be a complainer, but we (as a family) have not been

dear joshua tree national park … i’ll be back.

It was SO nice to get away last week to not only relax and get rested but to experience an entirely different beauty than what we’re used to.  About 40 minutes outside of Palm Springs, CA, we

happy weekend.

Palm Springs … wow, you’ve got some pretty ace weather, beautiful scenery, sweet rental places, and, you’ve highlighted some pretty cute moments of my boys (“hashtag”

mornings like these.

Yesterday was the three month hump … our sweet baby Hunter is now 3 months old!  (his 3 month post coming!)  I remember this point with Judah.  Things began to feel


when two brothers met. from Sarah Nadine Arsenault on Vimeo. One of my goals this year is to get on my documenting game.  I love to take pictures, but don’t get to the point where I

embrace it.

There’s a lot to be said about going through the process of change when a newborn enters your world.  So much, that I can’t even remember it all (and I just had this little fella 8 weeks

tree hunting.

We had our family tradition planned for Saturday … head out of town to chop down our Christmas tree.  Then, croup happened.  Poor Judah was not doing so hot, so we cancelled our

thankful weekend.

There was so much this past weekend to be thankful for: friends, family, food, love.  My heart is so full.  So grateful.   Even though I get to experience these wonderful gifts and

a summer night.

All’s pretty quiet tonight.  The evening light is absolutely gorgeous in my ‘lived in’ living room … and these homemade plum galettes are to die for. We’re

day on the boat.

We were literally on the boat for hours … though it felt like only maybe one hour or two.  I’m relating it to kind of like how this summer has felt – moving way too quickly.  Maybe

our wee gallivant to p.e.i.

If you can’t tell by the pictures … we had an absolute blast!  These are only just SOME of the highlights of the get-away we experienced last week.  Lots of laughs, a

leaving on a jet plane.

This morning, we jet off to a colorful little island where Matt’s (one-side) of the family is from … the beautiful Prince Edward Island.  Once again, it’s going to be a short

camping weekend.

We had the chance to {finally} get out camping this weekend.  I was a little nervous as last year, Judah was just a newborn and therefore easy to keep entertained while camping.

feeling sentimental.

Maybe it’s because his first birthday is coming up, but for some reason I’ve been so sentimental when it comes to this sweet boy lately. As said by the most biased mama around, he has

lil bit of fish ‘n chips.

Because morning sickness has kept me void of getting anything productive done this week (ugh), we decided to head out for dinner tonight.  Earlier today, I heard from some friends about

the mexican getaway.

“It’s always refreshing to step into another time…” ~Diane Lane Hola!  As you can see, our week away was full of laughs, family visiting, beach time, pool-side


A nearly 10 month-old, new house, busy business … it’s time to have another baby! Come November, we will no longer be a family of 3, but 4!  So many emotions to go along with the

dig the new digs.

Home is the nicest word there is. ~Laura Ingalls Wilder Our new home is even greater than what I was anticipating…it’s relaxing.  It’s open.  It’s quiet.


Weekend Naps … Matt’s got this rule for the weekends (the ones he isn’t working, at least).  His “rule” is that we must schedule enough time for a nap in between