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our [camping] weekend in pictures.

Last year, we went with a group of friends camping on the weekend after the may long weekend.  We loved it so much, that we decided to do it again this year, on the same weekend.  I think this means

thankful weekend.

There was so much this past weekend to be thankful for: friends, family, food, love.  My heart is so full.  So grateful.   Even though I get to experience these wonderful gifts and

{a smidget of} our day in pictures

1. friendly kisses with a special amiga. 2. words. 3. seems i can’t properly dress myself these days … wrong buttons done up. 4. bringing mid-day coffees to papa. 5. creating

tiny blues and links

tiny blues and links Though, I haven’t had time for my own writings (the second meaning to tiny blues!) … here are some “objects of today” that have at least kept me

s’more of the simplicity…

What a great long weekend camping in Kananaskis – Blue Rock Campground (can’t believe that it’s already “last weekend”!).  Away from it all…phones, internet,

teacup bathing + camping

I was introduced to this obsession of outdoor waterholes from a blogger friend’s posts at August and After.  If it be hot or cold, she’s seemed to search out the best options. 


Sometimes, I just wish there was another 2 hours of sunlight to spend outside, another 45 minutes to meet a deadline due right now, and, as I told myself this morning, another 3 hours to sleep after

love is …

Love is encouragment – I was overwhelmed today … a lot on my plate at work, a lot going on emotionally within. The only way I can describe my emotions was as if I had reactional

blitz trips

Had some prime moments these past few days … from one end of the USA to the next.  5 days later, 5 states covered, 3 time zones travelled in, and 8 flights in total, I had quite the


We ventured to the K-country (Kananaskis) this weekend … something I suggest everyone should have the privy of before they die.  The mountain air, rolling foothills, and surrounding

island of color

Yet another weekend of awesome sights, unforgettable experiences, warm hospitality … I didn’t want to leave!  To have the privilege of being apart of such a special weekend


It was SO nice to have brunch with the “beauties” today!  All my sisters … one by blood, one by namesake, one by our timely ‘African’ watches 🙂  To


It was SO nice to have brunch with the “beauties” today!  All my sisters … one by blood, one by namesake, one by our timely ‘African’ watches 🙂  To

candaci … happy birthday!!!

happy birthday candaci!! celebrating and thanking God for you today! pic pix: one of our ‘random’ adventures! Nanton, AB Jan.09