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kitchen inspiration.

We are at that place again … time for a kitchen re-do??  Last year, at this very same time, we were talking about doing a renovation to our then kitchen.  Fast forward to right now, in the

colorboard / no.46

color: golden rod yellow, blush (yes, again), pewter blues word of inspiration: new beginnings  source of word: With spring in the air, our hearts healing, blooms and sprouts soon to be making their

colorboard / no.45

color: mint, wood, copper, blush, mahogany, sage, moss … all the muted colors! word of inspiration: autumn source of word:  It’s funny how pastel colors get highlighted in spring whereas

colorboard / no.44

color: black, white, cream, au naturel word of inspiration: home, comfort source of word:  With the new move, you might say that I’ve been daydreaming a little bit in regards to how to make

happy weekend.

This is such a great visual to remind me to breath. No weekend plans?  Need something for mother’s day?  Look no further than here.  Or maybe here. Once peaches are back in season, gotta try

porch inspiration.

We are STILL waiting to hear if we got the acreage we keep dreaming about.  It’s a judicial sale, so we need to wait until the offer makes itself to court.  In the meantime, seeing as all other

colorboard / no.43

color: fresh green, white with a splash of reclaimed grey wood word of inspiration: samples of spring source of word:  It’s been a beautiful winter, and now beautiful spring … I feel like

colorboard / no.42

color: white, mint green, rust, wine, browns and all the rest word of inspiration: current state source of word:  I’d have to say, that if I were to give a color palette for what this

happy weekend.

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! Only slightly excited about this!  Having the boys be so excited about the little things – like snow! – makes me love celebrating this season even more.

kitchen inspiration.

We’ve been talking about updating our kitchen recently and lately, houzz and pinterest have me on a craze to find the coolest kitchen inspirations.  There are so many sweet styles and

colorboard / no.41

color: persimmon word of inspiration: relationship source of word: Growing up, I never had tasted a persimmon, let alone even knew it existed!  There is a chance I could’ve tried it without

revamp inspiration.

Like I mentioned previously, nesting is in full force over here and I’ve been list-making like crazy to figure out what is 1. absolutely necessary to get done and 2. what is priority to get

colorboard / no.40

color: blush and olive green word of inspiration: familiarly fresh source of word: For me, anything with olive green brings on nostalgia.  With all it’s cozy, crisp, fresh, familiar

colorboard / no.39

color: black & white (with textures galore!) word of inspiration: BLOGLOVIN’ & because, this combo is one of my favorites source of word: A couple years ago, I joined BLOGLOVIN‘

latest link love.

Some linky links for yous! .ever since i’ve seen her designed lights, i’ve LOVED them.  she gives a ‘make it yourself’ link for four different styles of her design (and sells

colorboard / no.38

color: nautical navy & white with natural browns word of inspiration: SUMMER source of word: It seems that everything this summer has a bit of a nautical flair to it.  The combination is fresh,

colorboard / no.37

color: red, black, yellow with some turquoise word of inspiration: Calgary FLAMES! source of word: Our hometown team is in the first round of the playoffs … what better way to show

colorboard / no.36

color: grey and copper word of inspiration: pleasant source of word: “Don’t water your weeds.” – Harvey Mackay [def: adj. pleasing, agreeable, enjoyable].  Why waste time in

happy weekend and some links.

‘The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost …’ Eleanor Roosevelt Although this week has been full of some fun stuff and uh-mazing weather (for up in Canada

colorboard / no.35

color: chocolate brown and oatmeals word of inspiration: comfort source of word: If you look for truth, you may find COMFORT in the end; if you look for COMFORT you will not get either COMFORT or

colorboard / no.34

color: hunter green with gilded gold word of inspiration: reminiscing source of word: Clearly, I just love the name of this color … because of my sweet boy!  But this

colorboard / no.33

color: oxblood / grey / blue tones word of inspiration: embracing the season source of word: In life, seasons are constantly changing.  The only way to enjoy it (whether hard or easy)

happy weekend, a green view & some links for you.

This week has been a crazy weather week for us … snow days already, you say?!  Yes, unfortunately so.  I’ve been keeping green pictures on my desktop to remind me how great the

colorboard / no.32

color: black/white/wood/gold word of inspiration: balanced perspective +PLUS+ … I accepted the challenge from Chairish to style a board around one of their barstools

colorboard / no.31

color: chartreuse/blush/navy word of inspiration: BLissss [perfect happiness; great joy]source of word: If I were to have a favorite color combo right now, this would be it.

colorboard / no.30

color: royal “electric” blue with browns word of inspiration: camping bring-a-longs (aka. needs)source of word: This is one combination of colors that reminds me

back to where i left off : camp stuff.

Hi friends!  It’s been a long week and half since I was last around these parts.  A chunk of time with good and “boo” things.  Bad news first: we’ve been sick.

colorboard / no.29

color: sunshiny yellows word of inspiration: our May weather this yearsource of word: “In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” ~

colorboard / no.28

color: hues of brittany blues (aka – tiffany blues) word of inspiration: my sister, Brittany Danaesource of word: My sister Brittany turned 25 on wednesday {happy

colorboard / no.27

color: apple green, charcoal grey, pale blue(s) word of inspiration: fresh start – taking something old and making it new by changing perspective [my interpretation].source

links & a sweet monday to you.

Good monday morning to you!  Not sure about you, but we’re sitting at a cool -13 degrees celsius … lovely spring weather(!).  Our weekend was busy and our week is starting to

links & happy weekend.

Oh goodness.  Where has this week gone?  We seem to always do that to ourselves – before and after our vacations, we cram our weeks full.  If we always do it, you’d think we


I’ve been spending too much time browsing other people’s sites instead of coming up with some catchy posts myself!  Here’s what I’ve been perusing: Family Command Center

seaside daydreams + some links.

Tomorrow night, we are joining friends for some fresh seafood (yay!).  It couldn’t but MAKE me think of the day we spend in Puerto Morelos, Mexico … a little fishing town just last

void spots and favorite stops.

As we have officially bought a house *happy dance*, what I thought was busy is only going to get busier!  Our possession date is March 27…which means we’ve got a whoppin’ 29

why blog?

Some people blog about a hobby, to display their photography, to communicate with their clients (as a business), to share their expertise, to express their opinions … why do you? Tonight, I