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Somedays are a lot easier than others.  Today, was not in the category of such.  We got a stomach bug which isn’t/wasn’t too too bad, but the boys were definitely not themselves today.

be still.

Yesterday marked four weeks since I’ve gotten sick within this pregnancy … Woohoo!!  I am beyond excited that 1. it’s ended much earlier than the other 2 pregnancies and 2.

simply put.

Life can get so incredibly busy sometimes (like with me lately and our company books!).  And really, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, time never will stop and life will always feel busy

oh christmas tree.

Due to limited time, we weren’t able to get out to the mountains to pick out our tree this year BUT, we were able to get down to Ikea to pick out the very next best thing.  I mean, for


We were driving up to one beautiful campsite the other year, and the drive was equally as gorgeous.  Mountains on either side of us, trees, trees, trees everywhere.  The skies were just

mornings like these.

Yesterday was the three month hump … our sweet baby Hunter is now 3 months old!  (his 3 month post coming!)  I remember this point with Judah.  Things began to feel

bonjour 2014.

2013.   I can’t believe how packed with blessing 2013 was.  We received our precious boy Hunter, got settled in our new house, our business went through a substantial growth


Life…is good. Life is busy.  Life gets hectic (when you allow it).  Life seem to go way too quickly.  Life is so full of beautiful things. It’s been another season of movement and change

reading list.

As goes my 4 month planning schedule, September is the last third of this year’s cycle (Jan-Apr; May-Aug; Sep-Dec).  Over the past few days, I’ve been compiling things I want to

a summer night.

All’s pretty quiet tonight.  The evening light is absolutely gorgeous in my ‘lived in’ living room … and these homemade plum galettes are to die for. We’re

lil bit of fish ‘n chips.

Because morning sickness has kept me void of getting anything productive done this week (ugh), we decided to head out for dinner tonight.  Earlier today, I heard from some friends about

today’s walk.

Sometimes, doing the simplest of activities (like walking) makes you feel even closer to God…a simple reason why I love to be outdoors! pic pix: afternoon stroll with the little lion

the smallest of things.

Baby step up, baby step down.  *pant* *pant* Baby step to the side, baby step to the other side *pant* *pant* *sigh* {repeat} … the sounds I hear myself uttering as I attempt to work out

too fast

Almost 2 weeks ago, I managed to mangle my left pointer finger in an electric hand blender … yea, not cool.  Fortunately, the closest medical clinic was down the hill and I was able to get in