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the written note.

Especially after a giving season, it’s a high priority to get my thank you cards written soon after.  Otherwise, the list and extra cards just end up sitting (sorry to those few individuals


Somedays are a lot easier than others.  Today, was not in the category of such.  We got a stomach bug which isn’t/wasn’t too too bad, but the boys were definitely not themselves today.

israel rhodes.

He is here.  He is finally here!  Our sweet baby boy, Israel Rhodes, joined us on this side October 12, 2015 at 2:37am – healthy, happy and ready to take on the world.  His calm countenance and

a ‘good new year to ya’ post.

Holiday noun: 1. a holy day 2. day of festivity when no work is done Well, maybe number 2 didn’t happen in it’s entirety(!) but it was still a relaxing ‘holy day’ time.  All

itty bit of light.

It’s quiet here tonight.  The guys are all sleeping.  It’s just me and the twinkle of these little lights. Somehow, when a room is lit by little lights, it just feels

thankful weekend.

There was so much this past weekend to be thankful for: friends, family, food, love.  My heart is so full.  So grateful.   Even though I get to experience these wonderful gifts and


Life…is good. Life is busy.  Life gets hectic (when you allow it).  Life seem to go way too quickly.  Life is so full of beautiful things. It’s been another season of movement and change

sweet thought.

We’ve been battling these colds/eye infections here all week, and have not been ourselves.  My poor little buddy is cuddling all the time – which does some therapy for both of us,

my portion.

Why should I feel discouraged? Why should the shadows come?Why should my heart be lonely.And long for heaven and home.When Jesus is my portion…My constant friend is He.His eye is on the

only i can be me.

80 percent of all that we do, someone else can do.15 percent of all that we do, someone else can do with a measure of training.5 percent of everything that I do, ONLY I can do.[paraphrased ~ Wayne

that time …

    Around here, Christmas is gearing up and we’re about ready to deck these halls!  ‘Cool Yule‘ and ‘Oh Holy Night’ are two of our daily tunes, my

too fast

Almost 2 weeks ago, I managed to mangle my left pointer finger in an electric hand blender … yea, not cool.  Fortunately, the closest medical clinic was down the hill and I was able to get in

grateful to the core

As I sit here in my pjs, drinking my mint tea, cozy-ied up on the couch, and just loving this time when I’m the only one up at our house, I can’t help but be so thankful for ALL that I

let’s talk

I find it funny (ok…more *ironic*) that when you are thinking/dwelling on a certain thought, it somehow always works it’s way into your conversation.  With whoever, whenever,

“first” date

Last night we took our first date without the little lion man.  We talked (even though lots of it was about Juju!) free of interruption, ate a delicious meal, grabbed a coffee, took a country drive

little lion man …

I am so proud to finally announce it on this blog of mine … our lil man is HERE!!  The last stretch of waiting for him seemed like it would never end.  Yet, here we are, with his 4 week

awaiting the arrival

My mind has been, let’s just say, “occupied” with when baby will finally makes it’s debut!  The actual 40-week due date was May 25.  I have officially come to terms

waiting …. thankfully!

Tomorrow is my “technical” due date.  Which, in some ways, has come very fast but in others, has taken it’s pretty time.  This last week, I’ve been more antsy, just