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this tuesday / 09

It’s really quite humorous how silly days can get away on you.  If I had a deadline to meet today, it just wouldn’t have happened.  It took us til nearly 11:3o this morning to get

this tuesday / 08

Well, hello friends!  Aaaand hello Tuesday … It’s been interesting as we transition into this new season.  Currently, Israel is still without a true schedule so we are all a bit in limbo

this tuesday / 07

7:04am . wake up … Hunter is calling 7:38am . make french toast with dry bread left over from camping and the single egg left in the fridge (delicious btw) 7:38am . 1st glass of lemonade with

this tuesday / 06

Our St. Patty’s Day was a good one … in other words, our Tuesday was a good one.  If you remember my initial “This Tuesday” post, the point of this journal is to be thankful

this tuesday / 05

8:47am . just hearing Judah stir for the first time this morning – praise hands for a great sleep in . glad I got an hour of Hunter time already under my belt – double praise hands

this tuesday / 04

As far as I was concerned, today was not a “Tuesday”.  The boys slept until 8am, and we got out the door after breakfast for a walk down in Fish Creek Park.  When I say walk,

this tuesday / 03

We hit this Tuesday with a bang.  A bad behavioural bang (if ever was/is such thing).  It is the day after now, but I felt like I HAD to revisit it just so I should put to rest it’s

this tuesday / 02

Lord God come awaken loveCome stir my soul to long for all you areI’m desperate just to have more of your heartCome awaken love~ Hunter Thompson It really was a new dawn today.  The snow

this tuesday / 01

For some reason, I find Tuesdays harder to get into than Mondays.  We seem to be more prone to getting sick on Tuesdays, testiness surfaces, it’s usually the day of the week that