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our [camping] weekend in pictures.

Last year, we went with a group of friends camping on the weekend after the may long weekend.  We loved it so much, that we decided to do it again this year, on the same weekend.  I think this means

dear joshua tree national park … i’ll be back.

It was SO nice to get away last week to not only relax and get rested but to experience an entirely different beauty than what we’re used to.  About 40 minutes outside of Palm Springs, CA, we

happy weekend.

Palm Springs … wow, you’ve got some pretty ace weather, beautiful scenery, sweet rental places, and, you’ve highlighted some pretty cute moments of my boys (“hashtag”

our wee gallivant to p.e.i.

If you can’t tell by the pictures … we had an absolute blast!  These are only just SOME of the highlights of the get-away we experienced last week.  Lots of laughs, a

leaving on a jet plane.

This morning, we jet off to a colorful little island where Matt’s (one-side) of the family is from … the beautiful Prince Edward Island.  Once again, it’s going to be a short

the mexican getaway.

“It’s always refreshing to step into another time…” ~Diane Lane Hola!  As you can see, our week away was full of laughs, family visiting, beach time, pool-side

be back soon …

Remember that wedding that I mentioned a while ago, that felt like it would never come?!  Well, it’s here!  Today we are flying down to Mexico to celebrate the marriage of my

dear switzerland … i’ll be back.

Almost 4 years ago, a friend and myself met up with some family (both her side and mine) in random spots within Switzerland, France, & Germany.  A quick trip, it was.  But SO

and…we’re back

After a fun week in Florida, we are home!  Everyone from my family – two brothers, sister, mom, dad, m’love and juju – was able to make it down to Orlando.  We

dear NYC … i’ll be back!

It was September 2010 … I was still working for United Airlines when I went on a few excursions.  One with m’love, my Dad, my Mom-Sister-Auntie.  All SO fun! Was thinking about

what door?

A few years back, I went on an Ontario “Family & Friends” visit.  Pretty much, everyone that I knew in Ontario, I visited over the course of 14 days.  Pretty packed as I


The book I was looking at had pages filled with images taken from the HubbleSite…a fascinating space telescope.  Picture after picture, the stars, planets, and funny-formed gases held new


It’s been hard to be creative lately. From writing here or my journal, playing or composing music, or just having the ‘oomph’ to start a project … it’s been hard.

blitz trips.2

As promised … some visuals from me and my Dad’s rendezvous in NYC!! pic pix: NYC memoirs, New York, NY Sept.2010

look up to

Who or what do YOU look up to?! “…follow me…”, Jesus John 21:19  pic pix: avid fan of the Liberty Lady herself, Liberty Island, NY 19-Sept-10

blitz trips

Had some prime moments these past few days … from one end of the USA to the next.  5 days later, 5 states covered, 3 time zones travelled in, and 8 flights in total, I had quite the

some sites seen in sfo

Here’s a little “taste” of our fast-blast down to San Francisco last Saturday … …M’love … ready to eat that seafood he

island of color

Yet another weekend of awesome sights, unforgettable experiences, warm hospitality … I didn’t want to leave!  To have the privilege of being apart of such a special weekend

desert gems

Here are a few details I picked up on my recent trip to Mesa.  I’m so grateful that I could extinguish this busy spell with a much needed time of r&r … sleeping, reading,

desert gems

Here are a few details I picked up on my recent trip to Mesa.  I’m so grateful that I could extinguish this busy spell with a much needed time of r&r … sleeping, reading,


You know when you get back from a trip/vacation/break … everything seems fresh, new, almost unconsuming?  Schedules, deadlines, and other “things” of that nature aren’t

i love albrrrrrrrrta … but …

Was leafing through some older National Geographic Traveller’s magazine (and taking pictures too!!) …. ooooo, I’m just itching to get to some place warm, exotic, adventurous